„Organizers of top events have to be as thoughtful, inclusive, and forward-thinking as possible. It’s a recognition that events are a powerful platform for social change, and that change is happening in the wider culture and events need to reflect that.“

Our conferences take the well being of our attendees – and the planet – into consideration.

With a number of sustainability support initiatives on offer: from the healthy food & juices to the offer of free yoga and mini-massages, we help sustain the energy and health of our attendees.

From the hemp products in our swag bags (also made of hemp) and prizes to the full utilization of technology to cut out some of conferences biggest wastes – paper.

We’re just one of a growing number of conferences that have sustainability, social consciousness and the wellbeing of our attendees front and foremost. Moving away from the paper, food and plastic waste of typical conferences of old, we’re streamlining the use of material resources and focusing on the facts and relationships.

In this age of technology, there’s no need for booths and endless standing around under unhealthy, fluorescent lights.

We offer instead, clean uncluttered tall-tables displaying each company rep’s 1-page fact sheet, a small number of business cards and a pop-up banner – if you choose. Our banner stands armade from bamboo!

Ideally, our attendees will choose to use their mobile phones to take a picture of any info they need. This easy way to reduce waste, at its source, is a standard the conference world is beginning to adopt.

Photo Credit: Mubariz Mehdizadeh

And, it’s not all about the planet! It’s also about reducing „wasted“ attendees: wasted, as in stressed, burnt out or exhausted! Several hours of listening to speeches, no matter how entertaining and enlightening they may be, can leave everyone drowning in a sea of information and not able to digest the important material they came to learn. We want to help keep them afloat. 

Offering morning yoga can start anyone off right. But if you’re not a yogi, it’s still good to stretch. If there is interest, gentle chair & standing stretches, along with some easy deep breathing exercises will be offered.

Photo: Jesper Aggergaard

Add complimentary neck and back massages, healthy, delicious juices – along with the excellent coffee & pastries art break time, and you have a conference that is not only memorable but rejuvenating.

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We fully believe every little bit of support helps the whole. Enhancing the investment community’s wellbeing, while they help create greater production and distribution channels for the medicine and textile treats from the cannabis plant is beneficial for everyone.

This medicinal, textile, food, health-rich and some say, sacred plant, is truly at the forefront of a new renaissance for addressing many of our modern planetary problems. Including climate change.

Some of our Sustainability Initiatives:

Photo credit: Louis Reed


As zero waste as possible
Fair-trade swag bag supplies *
Organic & local food options (as much as possible)
Vegetarian food options
Juices  bar
Complimentary yoga classes
Complimentary neck & back massage

Coming soon:

Red Tent area – women only

And for more info on social responsibility, check out our friends at Shah Hemp Innoventures, who provided the coin purses and sponsor gifts. They’re helping locals in Katmandu get their beautifully hand-crafted hemp products sourced from wild-hemp into the global marketplace.

The money generated from sales goes back into the community to help build schools, libraries, and hospitals out of hempcrete! How exciting and full-circle is that?


All this is just the beginning!

Thank you for doing all you can – even the little gestures – towards a more sustainable and equitable planet.